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    Zupu (族譜)



    The image shown above was extracted from my Zupu (族譜) which is in a descriptive format. This makes it an impossible task for those who cannot read Chinese without the services of a translator. If it had been in a hierarchy format the generations would be clearly designated and one would only need to translate the names into Pinyin.

    No generations are identified in this instance and it can only be discerned by reading through the preceding sections of the record. However, each ancestor is described with a father’s name, the surname of the wife, number of sons followed by their names.

    Let us see if we can make some sense of the contents in this page. There are altogether eight names of ancestors and the order is read from right to left and from top to bottom. Let us go through three examples for illustration purposes.

    Take the 2nd name which says:

    Ancestor’s (Weng [翁]) name: Daqiong (大琼)
    Ancestor’s father’s (Weng [翁]) name: Chengming (承明)
    Ancestor’s status: Third son (三子) of Chengming (承明)
    Married (Pei [配]) two wives’ surnamed: Yang (楊) and Li (李)
    Begat: Sheng (生) but no sons’ names were indicated

    Next, take the 4th name which says:

    Ancestor’s (Weng [翁]) name: Qiufa (求發)
    Ancestor’s father’s (Weng [翁]) name: Yiting (異廷)
    Ancestor’s status: second son of Yiting (異廷)
    Married (Pei [配]) a wife surnamed: Zhang (張)
    Begat: Sheng (生) two sons: Yushang (預上) and Yugang (預剛)

    Now take the 5th name which says:

    Ancestor’s (Weng [翁]) name: Yushang (預上)
    Ancestor’s father’s (Weng [翁]) name: Qiufa (求發) (see above)
    Ancestor’s status: First son (長子) of Qiufa (求發)
    Married (Pei [配]) a wife surnamed: Li (李)
    Begat: Sheng (生) four sons: Jidui (積兌), Jikuan (積寬), Jihuang (積晃) and Jida (積達)

    As can be seen, this format is much harder to read in order to find the hierarchical status of each ancestor as shown by the 2nd and 3rd examples above. The 6th name Jidui (積兌) was the first son of Yushang (預上). The 7th Yuansheng (遠勝) and the 8th Yuanzhan (遠贊) were the two sons of Jidui (積兌) (6th).


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