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    Zhongshan County (中山市)


    Present day Zhongshan County (中山市) was carved out of old Xinhui County (新會縣) in 1151 during the Southern Song Dynasty in the reign of Gaozong (1127-1162) and was known as Xiangshanxian (香山縣). The major town was then known as Shiqi (石岐) which is now called Zhongshanshi (中山市) and is located approximately in the center of the county. This county deserves special mention for its historical significance to the history of modern China.

    This county is also north of the old small former Portuguese possession of Macau (Aomen [澳門]) and south of the Provincial capital of Guangzhou City (廣州市) in the Pearl River Delta Region (Zhujiangsanjiaozhou [珠江三角洲]). In the past it was a source of emigrants to other parts of the world, particularly to the plantations of the Hawaiian Islands in the South Pacific which was a possession of the United States. Among the emigrants was a native son of the county who came to be known to the rest of the world as Sun Yat-sen (Sun Yixian [孫逸仙]) who was the founder of the Republic of China (中華民國) following the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty (清朝) on October 10, 1911.

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