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  • Only Hanyu Pinyin have been used for Chinese names and these are shown in Italic

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    Roots Search Surname Booklets


    10. Wu (吳) Surname

    Price: US$15.50 plus Shipping & Handling

    To purchase a copy of this book please select the appropriate button based on shipping destination:


    Canada US$19.25 (US$15.50 + US$3.75 S/H)

    USA US$20.25 (US$15.50 + US$4.75 S/H)

    International US$22.25 (US$15.50 + US$6.75 S/H)

    Wu (吳) surname is the tenth largest by population in China. It originated in Henan Province (河南省).

    To learn more about its interesting historical origins read about it in my Roots Search series of booklets on surname Wu (吳). Shown below is the Table of Contents to illustrate the coverage of the booklet.


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