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  • Only Hanyu Pinyin have been used for Chinese names and these are shown in Italic

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     There are several books on Chinese genealogy available to assist family historians search for their roots.

    For more information please click here.

    Genealogical Services

    Genealogical services including searches for ancestral sites and information, translation and interpretation of your Chinese genealogy records, maps, etc. into English is available for those who wish to build their family’s pedigree charts.

    This service is available at a rate of US$55.00 per hour.

    For those who wish to avail themselves of this service please contact me by email (twoupman@yahoo.com) outlining your requirements together with records, maps, jpg images, etc. for assessment. Recommendations will then be made and a price quoted together with a description of the scope of work to be covered. Normally the outcome would be a pedigree chart with the names of the ancestors found in the supplied documents.


    Village Database

    If your ancestor originated from the old Siyi (四邑) region of Xinhui (新會), Taishan (台山), Kaiping (開平) or Zhongshan (中山) this database may be of help.

    To help find the name of your ancestral village all you have to do is enter your surname (it would be helpful if you also know the Chinese characters) and the database will display a list of village names in transliterated Cantonese plus Chinese characters.

    The website is: http://villagedb.friendsofroots.org/search.cgi

    For a description on "How to find your Ancestral Village with the Village Database" , click here

    To view the video on how to use this database, click the Play button

    For a description on "How to locate your Ancestral Village with Google Maps", click here

    Chinese Genealogy Forums

    At the present time there is only one active forum dealing with Chinese genealogy where participants try to help each other with queries. It is:


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