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  • Migration South from Old Zhujixiang

    Journey to Chen

    You Are Royalty


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    Terracotta Warriors 兵馬俑

    Migration South from Old Zhujixiang 珠璣古巷南遷

    This is a reference guide suited for Chinese genealogy researchers who wish to verify the place of origin of a clan surname (姓氏) from Guangdong Province (廣東省) which had previously migrated from northern or central China. The clans that entered Guangdong Province (廣東省) came from various other provinces in the north or central China may have originated from other places than the historical places associated with their clan surnames. Hence the source information obtained from Old Zhujixiang (珠璣古巷) would be more reliable and accurate for genealogy research purposes. This book would be a great genealogy resource for descendants from Guangdong Province (廣東省).

    To learn more click on the book's title shown above or on the book image shown at the right sidebar.

    Journey to Chen 陳氏淵源

    This book represents about 8 years of research associated with my own family's genealogy requiring 3 visits to historical sites in China including the ancient feudal Chen State (陳國) and grave site of Chen Hugong (陳胡公) in Huaiyang (淮陽) in Henan Province (河南省).

    If your surname is 陳 and your ancestral village is in the Pearl River Delta Region (珠江三角洲) of southern Guangdong Province (廣東省) or in the Zhangzhou (漳州) region of southern Fujian Province (福建省) then this book will be of invaluable assistance in researching your family’s ancestry.

    This book will trace the beginnings of the surname back to its founding during the ancient Zhou Dynasty (周朝).

    It may awaken your interest in your family’s genealogy and make it an interesting and challenging endeavor, and treat every obstacle as a new challenge.

    To learn more click on the book's title shown above or on the book image shown at the right sidebar.

    Terracotta Warriors 兵馬俑

    You Are Royalty, A Guide to your Chinese Ancestry 皇族子孫

    Wish to learn about Chinese genealogy and how to search for your roots?

    This book will provide you with some helpful information which should help you initiate your roots search.

    To learn more click on the book's title shown above or on the book image shown at the right sidebar.

    Terracotta Warriors 兵馬俑

    Roots Search Surname Booklets 尋根溯源

    Have you ever wondered where your surname came from or how it originated? Take for example an English surname like Cooper; it does not take much imagination to realize it came from a worker making wooden barrels. Likewise, Chinese surnames can be derived from many sources.

    Imagine visiting China one day and being able to stand at the site where your surname began thousands of years ago. Would that not be something worth experiencing? I personally did and it can be a very surreal experience to realize your surname survived through the turbulent past to the present. Just think about it, your surname could have originated perhaps a thousand years before Jesus Christ was even born in Bethlehem and there are quite a number of the ancient ones that have such a distant past.

    This series of booklets on some of the Chinese surnames deals with their past histories and places of origins. These booklets will be of assistance to family historians with their family genealogy research.

    Terracotta Warriors 兵馬俑

    The text format for each booklet consists of the following: a Foreword, an Introduction, Surname Totem, Place of Origin, History, Migration, Historical Places of Interest and Famous Personages. Illustrations are also included to compliment the text.

    These booklets are specially hand bound in Chinese fashion employing back wrap folding sheets fastened together at the book spine with traditional Chinese string binding. They make unique and novel gifts to friends and relatives for any special occasion.

    These Roots Search booklets will provide a human touch to a surname with an interesting story on how it started which may sometimes surprise you. To learn more just click on a surname of interest in the following list of available booklets:

    1. Li (李)

    2. Wang (王)

    3. Zhang (張)

    4. Liu (劉)

    5. Chen (陳)

    6. Yang (楊)

    7. Zhao (趙)

    8. Huang (黃)

    9. Zhou (周)

    10. Wu (吳)

    14. Zhu (朱)

    17. He (何)

    39. Peng (彭)

    65. Tan (譚)

    70. Lu (陸)

    260. Lan (藍)

    Cen (岑)

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