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  • Only Hanyu Pinyin have been used for Chinese names and these are shown in Italic

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    Journey to Chen (陳氏淵源)

    Price: US$124.97 plus Shipping and Handling.

    To purchase a copy of this book please select the appropriate price based on shipping destination:

    Canada: US$132.22 (US$124.97 + US$7.25 S/H)

    USA: US$140.22 (US$124.97 + US$15.25 S/H)

    International: US$150.22 (US$124.97 + US$25.25 S/H)


    Modes of Payment:

    Canada: Bank draft in USDollar

    USA: Personal check acceptable

    International: Bank draft in USDollar

    Email to: twoupman@yahoo.com for mailing instructions


    Shown above is a photo of the book which is completely hand bound in Chinese fashion in keeping with a traditional Chinese subject like Chen genealogy. Not only is this a unique one of a kind publication in English but it also contains valuable information on Chen ancestry for your reference right at your finger tips and for your reading pleasure in the comfort of your home. No hassle like traveling to China where even if you are lucky enough to acquire a copy of your genealogy record there is still the major obstacle, who will translate it for you into English? Well, here is a book written in English and profusely supplemented with Chinese script for corroboration. What more can you ask for in an English book with Chinese annotations?

    Beside the Table of Contents shown above, here are some additional vital statistics on the book:

    21              Chapters
    17              Chapters on Chen genealogy
    4                Chapters on miscellaneous historical background information
    3                Timelines spanning 5,000 years of Chinese history
    26              Pedigree Charts
    7                Genealogy Poems
    62              Maps
    51              Images
    26              Biographies

    The pedigree charts are quite comprehensive, providing names in Hanyu Pinyin plus Chinese characters as well as other miscellaneous information including historical periods in the clan’s history.

    All the maps were specially created to complement the text and to depict the locations of ancient historical sites in modern China. These kinds of maps are not normally found in Chinese genealogy publications and are therefore unique.

    Some of the important personages in our Chen Clan have been included with capsule biographies and these also include some of the famous people in Chinese history who have been linked to or have contributed in some way to our clan history.

    The book also contains an Index to allow for quick searches to find a particular item of interest. An index is never encountered in Chinese publications which make it very difficult to quickly locate topics of interest.

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